qu'est ce que c'est?

i am enjoying a quiet saturday in the garden before i head into the studio...i have birds to finish, and a final bird piece to do which will be fun and full of light, the loony humor and love which originally inspired all of this bird work in white clay...i feel heavy from moving through this shared grief...but the sun is warm and my tenderness not so much of a catch-hook...i learned yesterday that my ceramic sculpture, beast with long tail, was accepted into pottery northwests upcoming exhibition unwedged...ill have to make another version since the first one sold, which is wonderful, and it will be fun to return to that form and create a larger version...the title is a bit of a miss...but like with most of my work when i create them i feel they aren’t for here but for some future place...i feel that strongly, so i can use deadpan humor and just title this work as it comes-cat with presence inside, long rains...etc...besides, most of my american audiences arent looking for poetry when they look at art...qu'est ce que c'est?

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