play it again...

i created the first version of this sculpture for ceramic showcase in april, then exhibited this work in july at sidestreet arts in portland where it sold to a wonderful collector...i had entered the same sculpture in pottery northwest’s upcoming exhibition “unwedged”, and i was delighted to learn that it was accepted...but after i learned the other one had sold! so, back to the studio i go, and here i have created the brother of this form, more fully realized, and larger, ready for the kiln gods’ blessing and ready for my first exhibition in seattle...i have been feeling better, my love, the blue birds are finished, and i have the outline for the december exhibition in portland complete, my heart has let the anger go after the shootings in el paso and dayton, and i am returning to red clay and joy, and i am beginning to dig in for a very productive fall and holiday season...this beastie brings me so much joy, and i hope it brings wonder and delight to new audiences in seattle❤️ thank you, my love.

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