Little ants...

These little ants are for an upcoming show at the Maude Kerns next month...I haven’t worked this way in a while, and these aren’t complete...I have a small stack of paper, and I will move through these images to create 30 or 40 until I find the right ones for a group of ten that will go on display...They aren’t meant to be accurate, just me moving in a place and playing with this form...the fires in Brazil really break my heart, and I can’t help to think about this species whose total numbers outweigh our own total is such a failure of leadership, and such a lack of empathy and imagination...I am having a hard time not feeling down when I read about these fires, about how difficult it is to change human behavior...It is difficult just to get your Starbucks barista not to give you a plastic lid when you order a coffee, let alone shift human consciousness to a pattern that takes the life on this world as fundamental and important to our my love, help me not feel despair, and lift my heart so I can be strong for others...I imagine biologists and other scientists must be in so much pain seeing all of this damage unfold.

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