From ink to clay...

i spend a good amount of time drawing...i shifted my art practice away from painting to focus on this animal work and shift consciousness and ideas in my practice...this ball of clay is waiting for me in the studio today and i will shape it and sculpt it and get as close as i can to this form...the funny thing about this process is that this is the longest distance from conception to execution, the movement from this ball of clay to the shaping of the first form that will carry the rest of the sculpture, and it’s the most anxiety inducing for often feels like wrestling with molten panic...this watercolor is one of the animals i created for the crossing’s concert 2019/2020 season concert brochure, my love, and i have reached a point in my understanding of this material where i can almost think with it in the same way that i can think in drawing and paint...sol lewitt says if the idea stays the same but the material changes then the idea in the work is about material and not the idea, but i don’t agree...i am sensing a very large shift in my practice and the reception of my work and ideas, my love...i am going into a very busy season and i ask that you keep me focused and strong.

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